Outcomes with intent

At Hornery Plus, we have a strong focus on ensuring that the outcomes we are part of achieving are delivered with intent - to be useful, valuable and sustainable.

The process of discovery

Our project management methodology includes a healthy respect for the process of discovery - it's almost impossible to foresee all of the opportunities (and challenges) that will be encountered during a project's lifespan.

Your own project babel fish

In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the babel fish is a critical character - "small, yellow and leechlike" that instantly translates between any languages.

In the context of our work, we often find ourselves playing a similar role, working with different stakeholders in a project to create a common "language" around vision and objectives.

Realising benefits

The hallmark of a successful and sustainable outcome can be found in effective benefits realisation planning and measurement. Hornery Plus has pioneered new ways to identify and measure the benefits of program activities, which not only helps to measure outcomes, but also provides a valuable reality check to ensure that new initiatives generate a tangible improvement for all stakeholders.